Vintage Report 2017

Vintage Report: 2017

Vintage 2017 played out like a dramatic opera…

…full of passion, catastrophe, emotion, and nail-biting suspense!
After the rollercoaster ride that saw our winegrowers experience episodes of frost, hail and drought, we now have a moment to speak with them while the ferments are quietly bubbling along…

The reports confirmed the effects of Mother Nature’s wrath during the last growing season – harvest amounts are much less than “normal”, but due to smaller crops, the quality of the grapes that did survive is exceptional.

Please click below for the individual report of each cellar …

La Stoppa

“…50% less due to the episode of frost in April! Fortunately, all of the fruit we did pick was of perfect quality…”
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Domaine des Homs

” …Chardonnay was picked on 20 August instead of early September…”

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“…The season has been one of the most complex and unique of the last few years…”
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Domaine Figuière

“…No precipitation from the end of April until the harvest. Early harvests: start August 13th…”

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“..the first leaves were frost-burnt and the production of grapes was therefore divided in half…”
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Domaine Rolet

“…There were 55 pickers versus 80 normally, again due to small crops…”

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Les 7 Pierres

“…very sunny, warm at first and a lot cooler in the mornings, which is very good for the phenolic maturity of the reds…”
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Grappes & Terroirs

“…On the other hand, the quality is beautiful: the Syrah have beautiful colors and lots of fruit…”

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Marie Thibault

“…Everything will be made for our bubbles and no still wines!…”
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