Domaine Bader : Return to the Vineyard – Harvest 2023

At Domaine Bader, the harvest is just over : the Gewurztraminer grapes have been picked at the end of last week. Qualitatively, it’s very good, and it’s with a smile on his face that Pierre can share with us his opinion and feedback on the current vintage.

A look back at climatology 2023

Winter was mild and dry on the whole.

On the contrary, Spring was wet, which enabled water reserves to be replenished, making Spring ploughing rather difficult. Mildew also enjoyed these rain showers, and though the attack was not as serious as it was long, a powerful continental dry spell at the end of spring halted its development.

The hot, dry summer was punctuated by a few rains, each time saving the vines from suffering extreme heat and drought.

The highlight of the 2023 growing season was the seriously virulent powdery mildew. The Bader estate suffered no losses whatsoever, thanks to a relentless battle. According to Pierre Scharsch, this disease has become more frequent in more continental climates in recent years.

Alsace, situated between the Vosges mountains and the Black Forest, usually enjoys damp mornings. Unlike rain, which powdery mildew doesn’t like because it washes the fungus off the surface of the leaves, this dampness on the vines is a perfect breeding ground for the disease.

Vine development highlights

The first part of ripening took place under a hot, humid oceanic heatwave, threatening health. Then, thanks to cooler nights, the situation stabilized, enabling the grapes to complete their ripening in good conditions.

Below, pictures of Riesling Erdengott

Harvesting began in the very early days of September, with the Auxerrois and Chardonnay grapes for the Crémants. The Pinot grape family followed around September 12.

The end of summer was very hot, and Pierre adapted the pace of the harvest to the high temperatures, starting at 6:30 a.m. to avoid bringing in hot grapes.


General trend of the vintage

Overall, ripeness is well-balanced, with the exception of a few low acidities. Malolactic fermentation is not desired, in order to maintain tension and balance in the wines.


As in many Northern regions this year, volumes were generous, finally allowing us to produce more normal quantities.

Green harvesting was carried out to allow the vines to finish maturing in good conditions, even though water shortages were never far away.

The results prove that it was the right decision: the first juices and must taste very well, with fine aromatic expression. The entire range will be produced in 2023 J

New developments at domaine Bader

Skin-Contact Gewurztraminer

The vintage was just right: a Gewurztraminer de macération will be produced in 2023!

The grapes have been in stainless steel tanks since September 30, with daily pump-overs.

We look forward to introducing you to this new cuvée next year.


Terroir wine range expands

Terroir wines are made from grapes grown on the soils of the Fronholz hillside, rich in marl and silica. These wines have a deeper dimension of complexity compared to the “fruit” wines, and are the culmination of Pierre’s many years of work in the vineyard to nurture the life of the soil and the balance of the vines.

This year, a Pinot Gris Fronholz is in progress, harvested around September 20, the wine will undergo fermentation and barrel ageing.

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