Fanny Breuil

Export for small estates

Where do you come from ?
From Anjou, I was born in a village north of Angers.

What do you enjoy in life ?
I love laughter and dreaming, they are two powerful engines to move me forward. I love times with friends and family. I can’t imagine life seeing friends often, and of course, I love sharing good meals and good wine with them !

Qu’est-ce que tu n’aimes pas ?
Judgment and wickedness.

Ellen Jakobsmeier

Export for small estates

Where do you come from ?
I am born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

What do you enjoy in life ?
I love freedom in all capacities – of expression, of opinion, of thought, of travel, of working, of wine choices! Independence !

What don’t you like ?
I hate the word ‘No‘.

Maxime Dubois

Export for small estates – Viet Nam

Where do you come from ?
I’m originally from a small village in Normandy, known as the “Queen of iodine”, a land that is more famous for its apple trees than for vines.

What do you love in life?
I love to cook and share lovely moments around a meal, with my friends. In particular when people from different cultures find common grounds around food and the surprising pairings that wines from some parts of the world can create with foods from other parts.

What don’t you like?
I don’t like injustice and the lack of honesty

Jérémie Batard

Domaine Batard Langelier

Bonjour Jérémie, where are you from ?
I’m from the West of France. I was born, I grew up, and I currently live in the Nantes vineyards.  At the western end of the river “la Loire”, close to the Atlantic Ocean and between the Sèvre and Maine rivers in the heart of the Muscadet appellation.

What do you enjoy in life ?
The simple things, being with my family, walking by the river, I love the smell of Spring and the birds singing along with it.
I like the smell of simmering dishes,
I like to go to the ocean, fish at low tide, and share all this with friends.
I like to look at the horizon.
I like surfing and sleeping at night in my secret places.
I like to go to the market and eat fresh produce, tomatoes, asparagus, raw fish….
I like to have drinks on the terrace and it is certainly the first thing I will do at the end of the confinement!
I like live shows, street theatre and music.

Magali, Delphine, François Combard


Hello Magali & François, where are you from ?
Magali: I come from wine! My father started his career in wine in Chablis. Then I went to study in Paris, where I worked until 2004. Then I joined my father and François and I moved to the estate in La Londe.
François : I am originally from Chablis.

What do you enjoy in life ?
François : I like to see friends, artists, to redesign the world.
Magali : I like eating, cooking, traveling, reading, walking … I like LIVING !

What don’t you like ?
Magali : I don’t like stress
François : the lack of imagination.


Delphine Brulez

Champagne Louise Brison

Hello Delphine, where are you from ?
From Champagne, I was born in Troyes and grew up in a wine village in Côte des Bar, in Noé les Mallets.

What do you enjoy in life ?
Biology has always fascinated me. Understanding how nature creates a living being from a few small cells. This interest naturally led me to look around me and pay attention to the living world. I am very interested in geopolitics. Understanding the state of the world today by going back to the origins of the Territories. I like traveling, discovering cultures, lifestyle and above all I love diving.

What don’t you like ?
In my daily life I have a tendency to procrastinate…I put off office tasks in particular! I hate injustice, whether it is minimal (in my microcosm) or on a global scale. As for what I don’t like to listen to, it’s simple: political speeches !

Cédric Ducoté

Domaine Rolet

Bonjour Cédric, from where do you come ? 
I come from the South of Burgundy, a gateway to the sun where the architecture of the Mâconnais calls for you to enjoy the outdoors. A small village called Prissé at the foot of the Grand Site Solutré/Vergisson. My parents are vignerons.

What do you enjoy in life ?
To be outside above all else, and preferably far from the crowds, to enjoy nature which offers us unique moments of communion each time. Each season has its own activity and wide open spaces. I am a passionate hunter and also a mycologist (studying mushrooms), a winning combo for cooking and gourmet food ! 

What don’t you enjoy ?
I am quite resistant to “un-questioning”, whether personal or professional, that wants us to settle into a kind of immutable daily routine, considering that we are right. To live on our achievements is a choice but to be open to changes, and therefore to risks, is the future.

Jean Marc de Crozals

Domaine des Homs
Bonjour Jean Marc, where are you from ?
From Languedoc. I studied viticulture and oenology where I met Anne, who later became my wife. Then after a professional experience in the food industry, I came back to the family estate.  The more I tried to escape my roots, the more I was pulled back.
What do you enjoy in life ?
I love nature, fishing, picking mushrooms, walking in the wild landscapes where you soak up the fauna and flora.
What don’t you like ?
Hypocrisy in general.

Marie Thibault

Domaine Marie Thibault

Hello Marie, where are you from ? 
From the Loire.

What do you enjoy in life ?
I like the living world around me. I like to eat Mathieu and Mathilde’s vegetables, Nanou’s cheeses, the pork pâtés raised by Nanou and Adrien. I like to drink the good wines of my friends.

And what don’t you enjoy ?
I don’t like bullshit of any kind.

François Tissot

Les 7 Pierres

Bonjour François, where do you come from ? 
I am from Nancy, in Lorraine in the north east of France not far from the borders of Luxembourg and Germany.

What do you enjoy in life ?
I have the great privilege of having had 5 children and what I love most of all is spending time with them.
What I like most about wine is the conviviality and the pleasure of sharing and drinking a good bottle. And in my daily life, all excuses are good to “drink a canon” with friends or people passing by.
If I didn’t live in the vineyards, I would live in the mountains which is my other passion, I was even a ski instructor for 3 years !

What don’t you enjoy ?
I don’t like monotonous days, i.e. a day where I’m going to spend 8 hours doing the same thing. Fortunately our job is varied and it is rarely the case… What I don’t like to see or hear is disrespect and hypocrisy.

Thomas Oui


Giulio Armani

Azienda agricola Denavolo

Ciao Giulio, where are you from ? 
I am a native of the region, I was born 7 km from La Stoppa. My parents were born very close to Denavolo and I’m glad I stayed in my native region.

What do you enjoy in life ?
I like to make wine! Truly. It’s my passion.
I also like to read, especially historical books. I like to understand, and often you find the keys by immersing yourself in history.
I also like gastronomy. I take real pleasure to eat in restaurants, to exchange with the chefs. I’m lucky enough to produce wines that go well with very different dishes, and I like to taste the culinary associations they create. Of course, at the moment, I can’t go to restaurants anymore, and I am sad for our restaurant owners and sommeliers friends. I’m also annoyed by the situation.

What don’t you enjoy in life ?
I don’t like mess, noise and confusion.

Francesca de Benedetto et Chiara Innocenti

Azienda agricola Tunia

Hello Francesca and Chiara, where are you from ? 
F : From the south of Italy, in Campania in the province of Salerno. I studied biology at the University of Pisa, in Tuscany, where I met Chiara. After graduating I worked at the university: I was doing research for my phd on wild boar and partridges, above all, I was working in a laboratory and I didn’t like it …  
So I gave up my job to go back to school, this time studying viticulture and oenology.
C : I was born in Tuscany, in Florence.  I studied Economics in Pisa, where I met Francesca.  
For years I worked in Milan, then I returned to Tuscany to begin the Tunia adventure.

What do you enjoy in life ? 
F : I like reading novels, living and working in the nature, spending time with my daughter (playing music together: me the flute and her the piano; making small “artistic” creations; listening with her to audio books), doing yoga and meditation, cooking, doing puzzles, walking with my dog.
C : I like walking in the countryside, eating and drinking well, spending time with my family and friends, traveling.

What don’t you like ?
F : I don’t like noise, confusion, traffic, frenetic life.
C : I don’t like watching TV, staying at home and being bored, being late.

Federico Giuntini

Fattoria Selvapiana

Bonjour Federico, where do you come from ?
I grew up at Selvapiana, my father was the estate manager from 1950 till 1990.  I always want to work at the estate. Francesco Giuntini, owner of Selvapiana, never got married and always considered us, my sister and myself, kind of his family in 1994 decided to legally adopted us.  I studied at University of Florence for Agriculture only for 2 years.

What do you enjoy in life ?
I like to read classics like Hemingway, or Pirandello and Calvino.  
For Music: I am still in the new wave period of the 80.
To Drink: Lots of Sangiovese and Nebbiolo (Barbaresco and Barolo) and Pinot Nero. Champagne is also a favorite.

What don’t you enjoy ?  
Lack of humility.

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