The Estate

Denavolo is located on the footsteps of the Apennins between 350 and 600 meters high. The estate is named after the Mountain overlooking the cellar and parcels.

Despite a hot and dry climate, diurnal temperature fluctuations in the summertime are quite high (> 10°C) bringing good acidity to benefit the wines.

Giulio Armani created the estate in 2005, by producing first orange wines from a 32 year-old vineyard (Debe) on 2 ha, located between 350 and 450 meters high. There, the soil has both clay and limestone. Then, in 2008 and 2009, he planted his owned parcels much higher (500 to 600 meters high) : two plots named Campo Rotonde and Cassandra. These 3 additionnal hectares produce the wine CATAVELA; a young, fruity and light white wine. The soil is very stony with much more chalk and high draining potential.

More recently, he is also harvesting Sauvignon blanc to produce Mansano.

Denavolo: white winemaking with whole fruit … orange wines


Grapes planted are Malvasia di Candia Aromatica, Ortugo, Marsanne, Trebbiano and Sauvignon Blanc and very little Santa Maria (a local grape).

The work in the vineyard follow the organic culture rules with treatment only made by Copper and Sulfure.

The Wines


white wine made of young vines cultivated at a high altitude and on a stony and chalky soil.


very fruity, floral, young wine, pleasant to dring young with a potential to age for a few years


very structured orange wine made for ageing. Perfectly pairs with savory food. Flavors of white flowers, white fruit, along with a fine and precise tannic structure.

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