The Estate

Domaine Rolet is an emblematic estate located in the Jura and extends over the four Jura appellations: Arbois, Château-Chalon, Côtes du Jura and Etoile, spread over 65 hectares.

Domaine Rolet vinifies only the grapes grown in its own vineyards, harvested by hand only.

The domaine cultivates the 5 typical Jurassian grape varieties: Chardonnay and Savagnin for white wines, Poulsard, Trousseau and Pinot Noir for the red wines. Each vine is planted on the soil best matched to the specific grape variety to produce high quality wines.

The estate was created in 1942 by Désiré Rolet, then taken over in 1958 by his children, Eliane, Bernard, Guy and Pierre who joined him. The vineyard then developed in the communes of Voiteur, then Passenans and finally Etoile. The vines are planted on beautiful hillsides, sometimes with steep slopes making the soil difficult to work. The caterpillars are preferred to tractors because they are lighter, thus creating less compaction on the soil. They pass over the grassy strips of the vineyard between the intentionally unplanted 5th and 6th vineyard row.

Since June 2018, Cédric Ducoté has taken over the direction of the Estate, and is working with ambition and meticulous precision to continue to produce typical Jura wines of high quality.

Since his arrival, the reflection to work in organic culture was initiated and in 2020, a part of the vineyards are now in organic conversion.

Tradition and quality ...


The soils in Jura are complex and vary according to the appellations and geographical locations. The estate pays particular attention to to planting grape varieties adapted to the right soil, for instance :

  • Red and blue marls are dedicated to Poulsard
  • Heavy gravels, which are also warmer soils, perfectly fit for the Trousseau
  • Light marls are for the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir
  • Grey marls for the Savagnin

Harvests are manual only over 65ha, every year, with very large team picking in the vineyard to hand-sort the best grapes as a first control in the vines – the only way to produce high quality wines !

The Wines


Chardonnay from different appellations : Arbois, Côtes du Jura and l’Étoile

Tradition blanc

Blend of Savagnin traditionally aged for 4 years in barrel with spontaneous flor of yeasts, and Chardonnay topped-up in barrel and aged for 2 years and then two years in tank.

Savagnin ouillé

Savagnin aged in topped-up barrels for one year.

Emblematic wines from Jura

Vin Jaune (100% Savagnin aged 7 years at least under the flor), Vin de Paille (from grapes dried over winter), Mac vin (Vin de liqueur).


Poulsard, Trousseau, and Pinot Noir are found in mono-grape cuvées, and also a blend of these red grapes for the cuvée “Rouge Tradition”.

Crémant du Jura white brut

All technical information is available in English upon request.

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