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📣 *PODCAST ALERT* : Fanny Breuil Interviewed by the Italian Wine Podcast

Get to know Genuine Wines founder and brand new VINITALY Italian Wine Ambassador Fanny Breuil as she talks (in English) about her story in the wine world.

From her beginnings as a student of Agronomy in Toulouse, to her life-changing experiences at Italian winery La Stoppa, she explains her passion for artisanal producers, native grapes, and love for promoting and discovering niche wine regions! 🇮🇹🍷

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🎙 Ep. 641 Rebecca Lawrence interviews Fanny Breuil in this episode of Voices

More about Fanny:

“I am Fanny Breuil, I am from Angers in the Loire and have always been in wine. I studied agronomy engineering and oenology. First, I worked as a winemaker (France, Italy, Chile) and then as a salesperson for a wine importer in the USA. In 2008, I founded my company Genuine Wines with a deep willingness to help winegrowers located in lesser-known or underappreciated wine regions (but that had great potential). I started with Jura and Emilia Romagna. Since then I have been helping them with their export markets as part of each team. These are French and Italian domaines. Aside from my main activitites within export, I also have a small Italian wine importing venture in France; I also work on Labadens, a wine project, I make wines along with Thomas Oui, a fellow wine lover.”

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