Domaine des Homs – Return to the vineyard 2023

Harvests 2023

It’s time to take a breather at the Domaine des Homs: like everywhere else in France now, the harvest is in the cellar and fermenting.

Let’s take a moment to listen to Jean Marc de Crozals talk about this 2023 vintage – grapes and olives!

Climate 2023

The year in the Minevois, the winter was dry, with water tables that unfortunately did not recover during the season. Budburst was a week later than in previous years, but without any problems or frost 


Spring went well, with a good crop of flowering and fruit set with regular vegetative development.


The challenge of the vintage was to work with low rainfall, with a drought arriving from June onwards.

Temperature-wise, it was quite reasonable. Apart from one week of heatwave, temperatures were not excessive and vegetative development proceeded gradually.

The summer brought a succession of light rains: streaks of thunderstorms focused on the Toulouse region. These light rains provided water to feed the vines at the important time of grain growth and vegetative development.

The upside of this dry climate was that disease pressure was very low, allowing Jean Marc to use very few treatments to protect the vines.

Harvesting began at the end of August with the Chardonnays, followed by the Viogniers at the beginning of September, as last year. The Syrahs were harvested in mid-September, a week later than could be calculated from the flowering stage, revealing a slow ripening, probably due to low rainfall.

The Cinsaults and Grenaches were harvested at the same time, at the end of September.

These grape varieties withstood the low rainfall better, producing juices with good intensity, aromatic profile and structure.  The harvest was serene thanks to an exceptional late season.

Racking of the Syrah on October 9

The wine is very well-balanced and will continue to mature in vats for 9 months, followed by a further 2 years in bottle for the Cuvée Paul.

The first harvest of Vermentino vines planted 3 years ago produced a small volume of 8 hl. However, the harvest did not live up to Jean Marc’s expectations, so he preferred to wait before producing the much-anticipated AOC Minervois white.

We all know Jean Marc’s high standards, for whom quality remains the guiding principle at Domaine des Homs – quality without compromise.

Projects at Domaine des Homs

For visitors to the Minervois region – GREAT NEWS!

The Domaine des Homs is increasingly developing its wine tourism activities:

A circuit around the vineyard, to understand the terroir, biodiversity, fauna and flora.

  • Olive Day: September 10, with hand-picking of Lucques olives in the morning, followed by a friendly meal with all the pickers.
  • Results: 850 kilos picked, a few sunburns, and a pétanque tournament won by the Ariège team.
  • Personalized receptions with the winemaker on local seasonal themes: chestnuts, porcini mushrooms, truffles, wild asparagus.

The estate is open all year round, and Anne and Jean Marc offer a warm welcome. If you are visiting the region, don’t hesitate to come and discover the lovely estate that Jean Marc renovates year after year.

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