Champagne Louise Brison – A New Look

A New Look for 2023!

A very happy new year to all!

We celebrate the new year 2023 with Louise Brison Champagnes!

The entire range of Champagne Louise Brison has been redesigned with graphic labels that illustrate the work of Delphine Brulez throughout the year.

You may already know the philosophy of Delphine Brulez, producer of exclusively vintage champagnes from organically grown vines.

*Champagne Brut Millésime 2015*

*Champagne Tendresse Blanc de Blancs 2014*


We could talk and talk a lot about Louise Brison Champagnes but the best for you to evaluate vigneronne Delphine Brulez’s style and quality is to taste with and meet her in person!

This will be an excellent experience as she is so generous in sharing her information, stories and passion for her beloved Champagnes.

Save the dates and come and meet Delphine at:

Wine Paris – February 13-14-15 H3 S 002
Le Printemps des Champagnes – April 2023 – Reims

Interviewing Delphine Brulez:  On Creative Inspiration

Genuine Wines: Bonjour Delphine, For 2023, you have created this wonderful new series of labels for your range!  Can you tell us a little about the inspiration of the concept?

Delphine Brulez: At Louise Brison, we produce only vintage Champagne. The vintage is the perfect image of what happened during the season. Through these new labels, I wished for the vintage to be front and center.

Genuine Wines: The style is pleasantly abstract, and clearly incorporates an artistic component.  From where come your influences? 

Delphine Brulez: I worked with an artist to create a perfect image for each vintage. We described the vintage, what happened during the season, who the wine is ageing, it potential for the ageing, and we attributed a color per vintage, et voilà! Through these originals labels, we create a collection of our terroir through time.

YouTube Presentation Champagne Louise Brison by vigneronne Delphine Brulez
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Champagne Brut Millésime 2015

The Year 2015 started quite promising with a dry Spring, which continued to be sunny from early summer until the grape harvest. Picking started on September 4th. A very sunny vintage.

This Brut is a blend of 50% Pinot Noir and 50% Chardonnay, vinified and aged in oak barrels.  No malolactic fermentation.  Made exclusively with estate-grown grapes from 2015 harvest.  Dosage 2g/l.

Very fine and persistent bubbles with a delicate yet pure light golden colour in the glass.  The nose is elegant with complex aromas of peaches, pears, grapefruits, citrus and a present minerality.  On the palate, a fine complexity with well-balanced hints of citrus fruits and toasted notes.  The palate shares the same tastes, with a very long finish.  This champagne needs to be opened at least 10 minutes before serving.

Food Pairing: Ideal for an aperitif with oysters or Foie-gras.  In 5 years time, it will be ready to accompany main dishes like scallops or roasted chicken in cream sauce and mushrooms.

Champagne Tendresse Blanc de Blancs 2014 100% Chardonnay


Millésime 2014: An early spring but without a hitch afterwards! Harvest just perfect, great balance, great potential!

Made exclusively from 100% Chardonnay estate grown grapes that were harvested in 2014.  Chardonnay was vinified and matured in oak barrels.  

Brut Nature zéro dosage was not intentional for this millésime, but it was mother’s nature choice. Disgorged in summer 2022.  This is made only from Tete de Cuvée juice – usually the purest and most fine, austere – in order to keep a precise level of acidity, which takes a bit more time to open up.  

Great elegance, fleshy, remarkable texture, and salty finish.

Food Pairing: To be enjoyed from the aperitif to the meal starting with appetisers based on fish, oysters, fresh scallops or white meat.

Champagne Rosé L'Impertinente 2015 100% Pinot Noir

The vintage 2015 was a serene and exceptional millésime. Perfectly ripe bunches of grapes, great balance! Great vintage

Made from 100% Estate grown Pinot Noir.  Rosé saignée from a 3-day maceration. Rosé Champagnes are aged at least 5 years in bottle.  Malolactic Fermentation is never done for the rosé Champagne, which needs to keep the acidity as an insurance plan to help the Champagnes age gracefully in the bottle.  Brut Nature zéro dosage, disgorged 2022.

The AOC dictates that one producer cannot have the entire production vintage dated. Therefore, Delphine’s rosé Champagne does not have the vintage written on the front label, but rather the date of harvest is written discretely on the back label of the bottle, which is allowed.

 Tasting Note: Red raspberry and strawberry fruits, vibrant freshness, subtle wood influence, and touch of saltiness on the finish.

Legend Range - Vintage Magnum Champagnes

The range “Legend” is becoming more and more famous and is beginning to make an impression with Champagne connoisseurs thanks to its originality and its rarity.  A lot of wine-lovers are seduced by this inexhaustible source of delights

A selection of delicious vintages from 1995 to 2005 is available in two different cuvées;  A Cuvée Brut blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and a Blanc de Blancs (bottles and magnums).

Visit Champagne Louise Brison’s instagram for the full label reveal here

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