The Estate

The Rolet Estate is located in the Jura and extends over 65 hectares in three appellations – Arbois, Côtes du Jura and l’Etoile. The estate only vinifies the grapes grown from their vineyards using sustainable viticulture methods.

Yields vary from 15 to 50 hl/ha depending on the appellations and vintages. Vines are always planted on steep slopes. They prefer to use light caterpillar machines vs. heavy tractors in order to not damage the soil, which will pass only on specific grassed pathways every 6th row.

The estate was created in 1942 by Désiré Rolet, then taken over from 1958 by his children, Eliane, Bernard, Guy and Pierre, who joined him and helped him to develop. The Domaine then grew with vineyards in Voiteur, then Passenans and finally l’Etoile.

Since June 2018, the Devillard family, also winegrowers in Burgundy and owner of the estates of Chamirey in Mercurey and des Perdrix à Nuits St George, together with the Flambert and Dupuis families have bought the Rolet estate. The wines produced are in the same spirit initiated by the Rolet family with a philosophy to maintain a style of typical Jura wines and the same conviction to meticulous work in the vineyard.

Tradition and quality ...


The soils in Jura are complex and vary a lot regarding the appellations and locations. The estate pays strong attention to plant the right vines on the right soil, for instance :

  • Red and blue marls are dedicated to Poulsard
  • Heavy gravels, which are also warmer soils, perfectly fit for the Trousseau
  • Light marls are for the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir
  • Grey marls for the Savagnin

Harvests are manual only, every year, with 80 people picking for 4 weeks in the vineyard to select the best grapes – the only way to produce high quality wines !

The Wines



Chardonnay from different appellations : Arbois, Côtes du Jura and l’étoile


Emblematic wines from Jura

Vin Jaune (100% Savagnin aged 7 years at least under the flor), Vin de Paille (from grapes dried over winter), Mac vin (Vin de liqueur).


Arbois Rosé "Cuvée des beaux jours"

Tradition blanc

blend of 25 % Savagnin traditionally aged for 4 years in barrel with spontaneous flor of yeasts, and 75 % Chardonnay topped-up barrel ageing for 2 years and then two years in vat.


Poulsard rosé and red, Trousseau, Pinot Noir and blends of these red grapes for the cuvée “Tradition”.


Savagnin aged in topped-up barrels for one year.

Expression du terroir

blend of 25 % Savagnin traditionally aged for 3 years in barrel with spontaneous flor of yeasts, and 75 % Chardonnay topped-up barrel aged for 2 years and then one year in vat.


Crémant du Jura white and rosé


Crémant Coeur de Chardonnay

All technical information is available in English upon request.

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