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As we are writing this, we are enjoying the lazy days at the end of summer, full of sunshine, vacations with family and friends, and beautiful meals around the dinner table accompanied by great bottles of wine.  We hope you are doing the same 🙂

We are also taking the time to read, to relax, and to listen to Podcasts!  Maybe you are doing this too, and would be interested in listening to some of the interviews we have recorded with two of our Italian Wine producers for Italian Wine Podcast!

Below you will find links to each episode we have recorded.

Happy Listening!

Fanny & Ellen

Episode 844: Fanny Breuil Interviews Federico Giuntini, Selvapiana


Episode 844 Stevie Kim moderates Clubhouse’s Ambassadors Corner – In this episode Fanny Breuil interviews Federico Giuntini. 

Federico Giuntini has grown up at Selvapiana, his father was the estate manager of the domaine from 1950 till 1990. He has always wanted to work at the estate. 
Francesco Giuntini, owner of Selvapiana, never got married and always considered him and his sister his family. 
In 1994 Francesco Giuntini decided to legally adopt them. 
Since 1987 after high school, he started working at Selvapiana mostly to learn from the old estate team. He has studied at University of Florence for Agriculture for 2 years.
In 1992 he started to try organic farming mostly because he had a background of being active with the “Green Movement” to organics.
He is very linked to this place Rufina, he loves it and is a great ambassador for making people discover it.

If you want to learn more about today’s guest producer, you can by visiting:
Facebook – 
Instagram selvapiana_fattoria

About about today’s guest host:
Fanny Breuil is from Angers in the Loire and have always been into wine. She studied agronomy engineering and oenology. First, she worked as a winemaker (France, Italy, Chile) and then as a salesperson for a wine importer in the USA. In 2008, She founded her company Genuine Wines with a deep willingness to help winegrowers located in lesser-known or underappreciated wine regions (but that had great potential). She started with Jura and Emilia Romagna. Since then she has been helping them with their export markets as part of each team. These are French and Italian domaines. Aside from her main activities within export, she also has a small Italian wine importing venture in France; she also works on Labadens, a wine project, she makes wines along with Thomas Oui, a fellow wine lover.”

If you want to learn more about today’s guest host, you can by visiting:

Episode 964: Ellen Jakobsmeier interviews Chiara Innocenti, TUNIA


Welcome to Episode 964 Stevie Kim moderates Clubhouse’s Ambassadors Corner – In this episode Ellen Jakobsmeier interviews Chiara Innocenti. 

TUNIA Winery is a partnership between two women; winemaker Francesca di Benedetto, and manager Chiara Innocenti. Chiara is the brain of the business: with her economics degree, she is in charge of the commercial side.

Before Chiara threw her body and soul, and brain, in this venture she used to work in Milan in the banking world. For many people she represented a dream come true: she gave up everything to go and live in the countryside. She admits that actually, her work has not changed that much: she spend hours in front of the computer trying to get the figures to work out and with the telephone ringing continuously, let alone calculating the numbers for planning vintage after vintage; but she affirms there is really nothing quite as rewarding as committing yourself to the production of your own product.”

If you want to learn more about today’s guest producer, you can by visiting:
Facebook TuniaWines

About about today’s guest host:
Ellen Jakobsmeier is a Canadian-born export director at Genuine Wines, based in Sancerre, France. Her start in the wine industry began with three years of traveling and making wine in McLaren Vale Australia, and Marlborough New Zealand. Ellen returned to her hometown of Toronto Canada for sommelier studies, and received her certifications with the Court of Master Sommeliers and the Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers, and enrolled as a WSET Diploma student. She worked in Toronto’s fine dining restaurants for a number of years where her deep passion for Italian wines developed. Her next chapter of formal education took her to Dijon, to commence her studies at the Burgundy School of Business where she received her Masters degree in Wine Business. Since graduation, Ellen has been working with a group of Italian family-owned wineries in the France import and international export markets for the past five years.

If you want to learn more about today’s guest host, you can by visiting:
Instagram @genuinewines 

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