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Dear Customers, Partners and Friends:

First of all, we hope that you and your loved ones are doing well.

We are going through an exceptional crisis that is disrupting all our professional as well as our personal functioning. 

Therefore, we wish you all the required energy to find the best solutions; those that will allow you and your employees to return to normal in the best conditions, and as quickly as possible.

Italy and France, like other countries, have put in place a strict organisation, allowing everyone to continue working as much as physically possible.

In this context, we wanted to share with you what the domains have put in place and what you can count on to continue to meet the potential needs of your customers.

For the small estates, all order preparations have always been done by the winemaker. Since the health crisis, special care has been taken to clean hands before preparing orders. The pallets are prepared and then left for the transporter to take them to the winery at a later date. There will be no contact between the two: preparation and removal.  We have received information from the transporters about their procedure which confirms that disinfection is carried out between each load of goods.

For larger estates, all office staff work remotely. The cellar staff is reduced to one person who will take care of the weekly barrel topping duties, the main cellar work at the end of winter. Bottling is postponed.
From the logistical aspect, it is the producers themselves, or the manager who will take care of the order preparations.

In any case, we will honour all orders received.

If there are specific back labels to be stuck on the bottles or cartons, the delays can be a little longer.  At the time of order confirmation, we can contact the carriers to find out if their day of passage has been changed. Today, the transporters continue to circulate and the pick-ups are assured.

Most importantly: All the teams in the vineyard remain active to ensure us a beautiful 2020 vintage!

Nature doesn’t wait and there are still a few hectares to prune or tie up – Spring is on our doorstep!

We want to take advantage of this period to work on newsletters about the winegrowers and the areas we are lucky enough to work with, some for more than 10 years! 

We will share this information with you, and are at your disposal if you have any special requests to know more about a certain subject relative to a particular Estate.

On this positive note, projecting ourselves towards more sunny skies ahead, we pass on our sincerest empathy to everyone.  We are all in this together.

We look forward to seeing you again, glass of wine in hand, to celebrate a return to normalcy,

In solidarity.

Fanny & Ellen

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