Les Pénitentes & La Dive Bouteille 2020

Calling All Artisanal Wine Lovers!
Les Pénitentes & La Dive Bouteille
are confirmed for February 1, 2, 3, 2020!

Genuine Wine’s artisanal producers will be showing their wines at two independent wine fairs in the Loire the during first weekend of February!  We will be presenting all the new vintages and cuvées with our winemakers! 

Come Taste With Us!  The wine fairs are in two separate venues, in either Saumur or Angers.  For better organization, do not hestitate to let us know the time you will be passing by!

Practical Information – Les Pénitentes:

Place : Salles de La Godeline
73 rue Plantagenet, 49000 Angers, France

Hours : 
Friday January 31 2020 from 14h to 19h
Saturday February 1 2020 from 10h to 18h
Sunday February 2 2020 de 10h to 18h

Practical Information – La Dive Bouteille:
Place : Ackerman Caves,
19 Rue Léopold Palustre, 49400 Saumur

Hours : 
Sunday February 2 2020 de 10h to 18h
Monday February 3 2020 de 10h to 18h

Participation: 10€.

Parking imperative in Le Breil!
A big shuttle bus serves Parking du Breil – Dive.  
A shuttle bus also serves Train Station – Dive

Here is the list of Domaines who will be presenting at these salons: 

It will be our pleasure to see you there!

Marie Thibault – Les Pénitentes
Tunia – La Dive
Denavolo – La Dive

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